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Anti-Cancer Superfoods — a 10-day tasting menu program

Reduce your risk of cancer with Anti-Cancer Superfoods

Starts Monday, June 20

Did you know that certain fruits and vegetables have cancer-fighting properties? These foods can help the body reduce the damage of toxins and actually repair cell damage.

This program is a fun exploration into ten of these anti-cancer superfoods. Soon after signing up you will receive our 10-Day Tasting Menu recipe book and then, each day you will receive an email with information about the superfood of the day. We will also provide several recipes per food so you can try something new — one day you may want to try an interesting smoothie, another day maybe you will try a delicious salad or roast a new vegetable. This program is meant to educate you and also encourage you to try some new things in the kitchen. You can do this at your own pace so you don't have to be cooking everyday if you don't want. Some things are simple to add to your diet with no cooking required.

Introductory price only $47 (reg $79)

Sign up with a friend and you can try a new recipe together!

This program can be done from anywhere.

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What you get: 

  • Getting Started Group Call with Jocelyn and Catherine
  • eRecipe book with 40+ recipes using 10 important superfoods to add to your daily diet
  • Daily emails focusing on the superfood of the day with cancer prevention info, tips and easy recipes including audio recording
  • Go-at-your-own-pace program to get the most out of what you eat
  • Unlimited email support

WHERE: Comfort of your own home

Introductory price only $47 (reg $79)