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The Anti-Cancer Approach to Life

10 steps you can take to help prevent cancer

Join health coaches Jocelyn Kasper PHD, MPH and Catherine Pilfrey for a FREE WEBINAR. We'll take you through some simple steps towards helping you feel your best if you:

  • want to reduce your risk of getting cancer
  • want to decrease your chance of a cancer recurrence
  • currently have cancer

While some cancers are beyond our control, many people feel that aside from not smoking cigarettes, there is little we can do to prevent cancer. This is not true! There are actions you can start taking today to decrease your cancer risk.             

Helping your body to increase immunity, decrease inflammation, heal itself and decrease cancer risk takes a holistic effort. This webinar will cover some of the steps you can take to make effective change.

  • Eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds
  • Eliminating toxins from our food, personal care and household products
  • Reducing stress
  • Daily movement
  • Cultivating joy in our life with friends and family

In this free webinar, you’ll learn some simple things you can do to improve the health of you and your family. Don’t sit back feeling like it is hopeless. Become empowered to take action today.