Want to reduce your risk of cancer?

Check out my article on Cancer-fighting foods in Best Self magazine.

Check out my article in the beautiful and inspiring Best Self magazine

I am thrilled and honored to share an article that is near and dear to my heart called Anti-Cancer Rx — reducing your risk of cancer with cancer-fighting foods by yours truly. Who would have thought?

Over the last year our good friend died of colon cancer and three girlfriends were diagnosed with breast cancer. I started to wonder if I would be next. I talked with my good friend and colleague Jocelyn Kasper MPH, PhD who started her career as a cancer research scientist at Harvard and now works as a personal health consultant leading groups of cancer patients at Dana Farber Cancer institute. She recommended the book Anticancer — A new way of life by Dr. David Servain-Schreiber as her favorite book on cancer, diet and health. I immediately went out and bought it. I was shocked, inspired and hooked. It led me down this path to be able to share some great news about cancer. There is a lot more in our control than you probably thought. I know it is a lot more than I thought. Check out my article at Best Self magazine.

And coincidentally my rockstar friend Lodro Rinzler is featured in this this issue. Check out the great interview with him.