The extraordinary healing drug in your kitchen pantry

This winter has been a brutal one in Boston and elsewhere I imagine. So many people have told me of their persistent colds and flu viruses that would not go away. It made me realize that I have not been sick at all this winter and for over a year, as a matter of fact. Knock on wood. I hope I don't jinx myself. :)
So I wanted to share some amazing information that may help you to fight off those nasty vriuses more easily.

The Extraordinary Healing Drug in your Kitchen Pantry
Yes that's right. Garlic, also known as the Allicin Wonderland Drug, is truly a powerhouse when it comes to healing properties, on top of being delicious in so many foods. It's main active ingredient, Allicin, has the equivalent antibacterial properties to penicillin (except that bacteria does not become resistant to it). Quercitin, found in garlic and onions helps ward off the flu. It was found to kill a Type A flu virus better than a popular prescription drug. And it also has anti-cancer properties including inhibiting tumor growth. A Canadian study found that it blocked the growth of cancer tumors in the stomach, pancreas, breast, prostate, lungs, kidney and brain.

It's pretty impressive isn't it? There is an important, BUT to the wonders of garlic though. Depending on how you chop and cook garlic the Allicin may not become activated, and as a result it won't have the many healing properties. So the secret is to mince the garlic in a garlic press and let it sit for 10 minutes before you sauté or put it into a dish. 

As the food and health writer and author of Eating on the Wild Side, Jo Robinson says, "Garlic has so many healing properties that waiting those crucial 10 minutes could reduce your risk of a number of worrisome diseases."