5 favorite restaurants to get delicious, healthy food in Boston. — PART 1

The Green Monster grain bowl at Myers and Chang, South End, Boston, MA Photograph by Jared Luzia

The Green Monster grain bowl at Myers and Chang, South End, Boston, MA
Photograph by Jared Luzia

Friends are often asking me where to go for dinner so I thought I would share some of my favorite places, in no particular order. They are mostly relatively cheap places except Alden and Harlow which is not, but it's so good and has outstanding cocktails. Of course there are many more great restaurants in Boston that I will share in upcoming newsletters but here are 5 to start.

1. Life Alive

It took many tries to get Furman to go to Life Alive. (They make delicious hearty salads, rice/veggie bowls, juices and smoothies all with organic ingredients and their signature sauces.) Not really his thing but he relented when I returned from a retreat in England where the food was awful. Three different preparations of white potatoes were served at most meals. When I got off the plane all I could think of was Life Alive so he kindly drove me straight there. I had the Swami ,my favorite veggie bowl with Sweet Curry Miso sauce and a green juice. Yum. I felt refreshed and energized. Furman had a Mystic Mountain veggie wrap with lemon garlic hummus. Needless to say he mocked the whole experience and the absurdity of him eating a veggie wrap at this ultra-crunchy café but I was happy. lifealive.com

2. Alden and Harlow

Furman and I both love food and we love to try new restaurants but we don’t always agree on where to go. As you might imagine his tastes can include burgers and chicken wings and mine include healthy veggies but we both love big flavors, and spicy food. Sometimes eating out is the perfect compromise for us because we can both order what we like even though it may be radically different. Alden and Harlow is one of our favorites because everything is so flavorful and delicious. One of our favorite dishes is their Charred broccoli with Butternut Squash hummus. Seriously Furman loves it. It’s crazy delicious. I can happily order from their amazing fish and vegetable dishes and he can order Crispy Pork Belly. :)  aldenharlow.com

3. Myers and Chang

Myers and Chang is probably my favorite place to eat in our neighborhood of a billion upscale French/American bistros. Boring. But Myers and Chang is not. Quite the opposite. Super flavorful, creative Asian food. I especially love that they accommodate so many different diets. My dear friend that has a shellfish allergy can be safe eating there. They also have a vegetarian, a gluten-free and a nut-free menu. Lately my favs from the menu are their Mushroom Lo Mein, Kale and Persimmon salad and The Green Monster. The varied menu options also work for me and Furman because he can get his Miso Carrots and Fried Chicken and waffles. To be honest he mostly does that when I am not around. myersandchang.com

4. Red Lentil

Red lentil is one of my favorite dinner spots for meeting girlfriends who have moved out to the burbs. It’s on Mount Auburn Street in Watertown near the Cambridge line — kind of halfway to a lot of places. It’s a vegetarian cheap-eats kind of-a-place but the food is delicious. The food is very creative and flavorful drawing on many different cuisines from around the world including Thai, Mexican, Jamaican, and Japanese. I am a fan of the Butternut Squash polenta with oyster mushroom ragout, and warmed sesame asparagus, drizzled with cilantro sunflower seed pesto and maple balsamic vinaigrette. Sounds good doesn't it? theredlentil.com

5. Dosa 'n Curry

Our friend Sunil told me about this wonderful South Indian restaurant outside of Union Square in Somerville. This is a vegetarian restaurant and they don’t serve alcohol but it is delicious and cheap. The first time Furman and I went there I forgot to mention the no meat and no alcohol situation. It slipped my mind. :) He was looking at the menu perplexed and finally looked up and said where’s the meat? We had a great meal none the less. They make fantastic dosas — huge, that fill the whole plate. A dosa is kind of an Indian wrap made with a delicate chickpea crepe and stuffed with many different vegetable curries and served with coconut dipping sauce. Yum I think we should go there soon. BTW this a more of a dive place to eat. Not a romantic night on the town. dosa-n-curry.com